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Denmark, maine

About Perley Mills Community Forest

Loon Echo Land Trust collaborated with the towns of Denmark, Bridgton and Sebago to protect the 1,600-acre Perley Mills property in order to create a community forest. The land is owned and managed by the Town of Denmark and the Town of Sebago, with conservation easements held by LELT.
The property contains three miles of the Narrow Gauge Trail, a state ITS 89 snowmobile and regional ATV network, as well as Pickerel Pond and Willett Pond. There are no purpose-built walking trails on the property, but you are welcome to use the old woods roads and Narrow Guage Trail.

With many important ecological, recreational and economic features, protecting this parcel as public open space and managed forestland is an asset to the surrounding communities.


In December of 2013, Loon Echo purchased the 1,600 acre property from K&W Timberlands.

In January 2015, the Town of Sebago took ownership of 130 acres of land on Swamp Road in the southern portion of the Perley Mills property.

In April 2015, the Town of Denmark took ownership of the remaining acres in Bridgton and Denmark.

Loon Echo reserved perpetual conservation easements on both properties to ensure the properties remains undeveloped and available to the public for a variety of recreational uses including snowmobiling and hunting.
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Trails & Maps

Narrow Gauge Trail (3 miles):
A state ITS 89 snowmobile and regional ATV network
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