Property Use Policies

General Use Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all LELT-owned lands. LELT properties are owned & managed by the land trust.

  • Carry out what you bring in. This includes dog waste & organic waste (banana peels & apple cores).
  • No camping, no fires
  • Group & commercial use by permission only
  • Foot traffic only unless otherwise designated. Mountain bike, ATV & snowmobile use on designated trails only.
  • Respect wildlife & fellow visitors
  • Avoid stepping on fragile soils in summit areas (Pleasant Mountain, Bald Pate Mountain, Raymond Community Forest)
  • Wear blaze orange during hunting season
  • No prospecting or commercial foraging
  • Target shooting is prohibited


LELT requires all dogs to be on leash or under voice command. The following high-use properties require dogs to be on leash:

  • Pleasant Mountain
  • Bald Pate Mountain
  • Hacker's Hill Preserve
  • Raymond Community Forest after 9am
  • Pondicherry Park (dogs allowed on dog loop only)

Please pick up and carry out (to your car) all dog waste.

Hunting on LELT Lands

LELT is dedicated to protecting access to land in the Sebago Lake Region of Maine for a variety of recreational activities, including hunting. When hiking on LELT lands & trails during hunting season, wear visible orange clothing and avoid peak hunting hours. Hunters should be aware of where popular hiking trails exist.

Hunting is not allowed on Sundays per Maine law, but it is recommended that hikers still wear brightly colored clothing.

Where to Hunt

Hunting is allowed on all LELT-owned lands. Please be aware of property boundaries, trails, and follow all Maine State Hunting Laws & regulations.

LELT properties where hunting is allowed:

  • Bald Pate Mountain Preserve, Bridgton & Sebago
  • Crooked River Forest, Harrison
  • Hacker's Hill Preserve, Casco
  • Lebovitz Forest (Otter Pond), Bridgton
  • Mayberry Hill Preserve, Casco
  • Peabody-Fitch Woods, Bridgton
  • Pleasant Mountain Preserve, Denmark & Bridgton - Please be aware of property boundaries.
  • Raymond Community Forest, Raymond
  • Rolfe Hill, Casco
  • *Stone Preserve, Bridgton
  • Sebago Cove Forest, Naples***
  • *Sebago Headwaters Preserve, Bridgton
  • *Sylvan Woods, Harrison
  • *Tiger Hill Community Forest, Sebago

* Indicate properties without robust trail networks. Please be aware of property boundaries and neighboring homes.

** Note that this policy does not apply to lands on which LELT holds a conservation easement, since these lands are owned by other private parties who continue to exercise control over public uses, including hunting, consistent with the terms of the easement. Some properties protected with LELT easements do allow hunting, such as Perley Mills Community Forest in Denmark & Sebago.
*** Sebago Cove Forest is protected with a LELT Conservation Easement. However, we have an agreement with the landowner that we will manage public access and use.

Hunting Rules

  • You do not need permission to hunt on LELT lands, but we always appreciate the heads up.
  • Temporary tree stands are allowed by permission only. Stands must be away from trails and marked with hunter’s name, address and phone number. No metal can be put in trees and cutting of trees or brush is not permitted. Fill out this form to request permission to put up a stand.
  • Game cameras may be placed on LELT lands by permission only. Fill out this form to request permission.
  • When preparing for your hunt be sure to select a reasonable area. It is crucial to know the property and its surroundings. The location of roadways, trails and homes are all factors that must be considered.

If you have questions about hunting on LELT lands, please contact Stewardship Manager Jon Evans at or call 207-647-4352.

Maine State Laws & Regulations

Hunting & Trapping in Maine - Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

Hunting Season Dates & Bag Limits


Trapping is allowed on some LELT properties by permission only. Please fill out this form or contact for permission. All properties funded by the Land for Maine's Future program are required to allow access to trapping. These lands include:

  • Crooked River Forests
  • Pleasant Mountain
  • Sebago Headwaters Preserve
  • Raymond Community Forest


Many of our properties can accommodate geocaching, however a number of our conservation lands protect rare plant communities or sensitive wildlife, and caching can negatively impact these habitats. Please contact LELT if you are interested in placing a cache on one of our conservation lands. 207-647-4352 or email