Sebago Cove Forest

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Naples, maine

About Sebago Cove Forest

Sebago Cove Forest is 362 acres in Naples, Maine, with over 2,500 feet of shoreline on Sebago Cove, which is part of Sebago Lake.

The natural resources on the property are protected by a permanent conservation easement held by Loon Echo Land Trust. Conservation easements limit future development and ensure that working forests, farmland, clean air and water, wildlife habitat, and scenic beauty remain an important part of the regional landscape for generations to come. The conservation easement will run with the land regardless of future ownership.

Currently the property is accessible by boat and on foot, with limited parking available on the side of Burnell Road. Please do not access the property from Whipporwill Drive or Alderberry Bay Drive. These are private roads.

Please observe all posted use guidelines and respect neighbors, wildlife, and other visitors.

A formal parking area and trail down to the water will be developed in the coming years. Stay tuned!
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Use Guidelines

Public Use Guidelines:
• Carry out all waste and trash
• Daytime use only
• Keep pets under control
• No camping, no fires, no smoking
• No prospecting
• No target shooting
• Unauthorized motor vehicles prohibited

Permitted Uses:
Hiking, Skiing, Snowshoeing, Non-motorized biking, Hunting, fishing and trapping (follow all state laws)

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