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About Loon Echo Land Trust

Loon Echo Land Trust protects land in the Lake Region of Maine to conserve its natural resources and character for current and future generations. LELT conserves 8,500 acres of land and maintains and protects public access to many iconic outdoor spaces such as Pleasant and Bald Pate Mountains. In addition to providing access for recreation, LELT's conserved open spaces support the region’s water resources, wildlife habitat, and working farms and forests.

Loon Echo Land Trust was formed in 1987 by community members who saw the need to preserve the natural areas of the region. Throughout the years, Loon Echo has worked with area residents, businesses and organizations to protect land through conservation easements, land purchases and land donations.
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Loon Echo Land Trust protects land in the northern Sebago Lake region of Maine to conserve its natural resources and character for future generations.

LELT’s land conservation efforts benefit our seven service area towns, as well as 200,000 residents of the greater Portland area who rely on Sebago Lake as their sole public drinking water source.

2021 Projects

We’re always working on conservation projects behind the scenes. Join our E-Mail list to be informed of new projects. Here are some projects we're working on this year:

  • Peabody-Fitch Woods Trail – In the summer of 2021, we will be installing an informational kiosk and interpretive signage on the new loop trail that was constructed in 2020. We will also be moving sections of the trail up to the quarry with the help of volunteers.
  • Pleasant Mountain Trail Work & Parking Expansion – In 2021 we will be investing over $20,000 into the trails on Pleasant Mountain. We will also be increasing the size of the Ledges Trail parking area on mountain road and implementing a volunteer ambassador program for the mountain.
  • Tiger Hill Community Forest Trail Work & Parking Construction – We will be constructing a small parking area and kiosk at Tiger Hill Community Forest. We will also be constructing pedestrian trails with the support of volunteers in the Summer of 2021.


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