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South bridgton, maine

About Pleasant Mountain

At 2,006 ft, Pleasant Mountain is the tallest mountain in southern Maine and one of the defining landmarks of the Sebago Lake region. The mountain is a destination for hikers, birdwatchers, snowmobilers, hunters, snowshoers and skiers. It provides important contiguous habitat for a variety of plants and animals, as well as resources for sustainable forestry. Pleasant Mountain’s proximity to both Portland and Boston make it an important environmental, recreational and economic resource for the region.

LELT owns 2,064 acres on the mountain and protects an additional 24 acres through a conservation easement. LELT oversees the management of the hiking trail network on Pleasant Mountain. The majority of the land that the Ledges, Bald Peak and Southwest Ridge trails are on is owned by LELT.

We have signed trail agreements with four private landowners allowing Loon Echo to conduct trail maintenance and improvements. These landowners generously allow the public to use the trails over their properties.

Trail users should respect the land and follow the ‘Use Guidelines’ to ensure all of the trails remain open to the public.

Trails & Maps

There are four trailheads on the mountain: Ledges, Bald Peak, Southwest Ridge, and Firewarden’s. All trails connect and lead to the summit.

Ledges Trail (1.8 miles):
This blue-blazed trail, provides another access from Mountain Road to the primary summit of Pleasant Mountain offering scenic overlooks along the way. Elevation gain is 1,600 feet and the parking area is adjacent to fire lane 54.
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Fire Warden’s Trail (2.3 miles):
This trail provides access to Pleasant Mountain's summit from the northwest via Wilton Warrent Road and is used by snowmobiles in the winter. Trail is blazed with red and has a 1,500 foot elevation gain.
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Southwest Ridge Trail (2.7 miles):
This trail provides access to Pleasant Mountain's southwest and primary summits via the Denmark Road. The trail is blazed with yellow with rock cairns.
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Bald Peak Trail (2.4 miles):
This blue-blazed trail is accessed from Mountain Road and has a 1,900 foot elevation gain. The trail leads up to Big Bald Peak and then swings south to Pleasant Mountain's summit.
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Sue’s Way (0.5 miles):
This orange-blazed trail provides access from the Bald Peak Trail to the top of the Shawnee Peak Ski Area. There is a 500 foot elevation gain. Orange blazing. Access via Bald Peak Trail or North Ridge Trail.

North Ridge Trail (0.8 miles):
Blazed with white, this trail connects Sue's Way back with the Bald Peak Trail to create a loop. The elevation gain is 200 feet.
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