July 23, 2021

Fund Land For Maine’s Future

Fund Land For Maine’s Future

Land conservation makes our communities more beautiful, equitable, resilient, and safe. It provides peace in our greatest times of turmoil. And right now, it needs your support.

The Land for Maine’s Future Program (LMF) is the State of Maine’s primary funding vehicle for conserving land for its natural and recreational value. The program was established in 1987 when Maine citizens voted to fund $35 million to purchase lands of statewide importance.

Land for Maine’s Future has not received any funding since 2012. Of the nearly $2 million dollars that LELT has raised in the last 3 years to protect 2,000 acres of land in the Lake Region, zero dollars came from the State of Maine.

Simply put, we need your help to make sure that land conservation is prioritized as an essential component for the health and resilience of our communities moving forward. The popularity of Maine’s outdoor spaces and natural resources during the pandemic, as well as high demand for Maine real estate, means passing a bond package to fund LMF has never been more urgent.

Please, if you live in Maine, call or email your legislators (House, Senate) and ask them to support funding for the Lands for Maine’s Future Program.

If you can, consider a donation to Loon Echo and other local land conservation organizations. COVID-19 has once again illuminated the indispensable need for land conservation, but we are at a critical moment in the history of this movement. Your voice and your support is needed.

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