October 19, 2023

Hunting Season 2023

Hunting on LELT Lands

Did you know hunting is allowed on all of LELT preserves (land that LELT owns)? That’s over 6,000 acres. It is our mission to keep the Maine tradition of public access to private land for recreation alive here in the Lake Region.

As a local, non-­profit organization we encourage all users - hunters, hikers, snowmobilers, mountain bikers, skiers – to consider making a donation to the Trust so that we can continue to manage and care for our lands and trails. You may donate at a trail head, or online by clicking here.

For more information on hunting on LELT lands, including rules & what areas are available to hunters, please click here.

Stay safe and enjoy time outside this hunting season with the following tips:


  • Follow all Maine State Hunting Laws.
  • Consider hunting on one of our preserves that doesn’t have a formal trail network on it.
  • Be respectful of the land.
  • Permission is required to put up a tree stand, game camera, or to trap. Please fill out this form or contact stewardship@lelt.org.
  • No permission is needed to hunt on LELT lands, however we encourage you to let us know that you’re using and appreciating the access. We also love to know what you see (not to scope out spots for ourselves, but to get a sense of what wildlife is out there). Contact Jon (stewardship@lelt.org, 207-647-4352) to chat about your time on our lands.
  • For more resources on hunting in Maine, click here.


  • Always wear two items of bright, blaze orange clothing. Pets, too!
  • Stay on the trail
  • Know hunting season dates. Click here to view the 2023-2024 Maine dates.
  • Avoid hiking at dawn and dusk, as those are prime times of the day for hunting.
  • Hike on Sunday – there is no hunting on Sundays per Maine State Law.
  • Go for a walk somewhere where hunting is not allowed, such as Pondicherry Park.

Thanks for respecting and appreciating the land. Have fun and stay safe!

List of LELT owned lands:

-Raymond Community Forest

-Pleasant Mountain Preserve

-Bald Pate Mountain Preserve

-Hacker’s Hill

-Peabody-Fitch Woods

-Mayberry Hill Preserve

-Tiger Hill Community Forest

-Stone Preserve

-Crooked River Forest (Intervale & Woodsum Brook)

-Sylvan Woods

-Sebago Headwaters Preserve

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