March 25, 2022

Mud Season is Here

It's mud season! Some important things to keep in mind if you're headed for the trails:

  • If a trail is extremely muddy and soupy, please consider turning back and coming back when things dry out. If there is just a bit of mud and water on the trail, walk through the mud! Straight through the puddle. Seek out stones to step on if you can. Please don't step off the trail to go around the puddle or muddy area if you can help it. Enough people stepping around muddy areas will widen the trail and trample important vegetation.
  • LELT parking areas are pretty durable, but everything is soft right now and prone to damage. Please take care and use your best judgement so you don't cause permanent ruts (or get stuck!).
  • There may still be ice at higher elevations (i.e. Pleasant Mountain). Continue to carry traction with you in case you come across icy areas.

Take care out there to help keep these important resources in good shape. Thank you!

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