March 29, 2024

Solar Eclipse Resources

On Monday, April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will be seen from all parts of Maine. The Lake Region is not in the path of totality, but we will experience 98% coverage. The eclipse will begin around 2 p.m. and will last for approximately 2.5 hours. Maine is one of thirteen states where the total solar eclipse will be visible. View an interactive coverage map here.

10 Tips To Prepare for the Eclipse (From Maine DACF)

  1. Obtain ISO-certified eclipse glasses; looking directly at the sun can burn your eyes.
  2. Plan primary and backup travel routes ahead of time
  3. Make any necessary travel accommodations now
  4. Pack a paper map – cell phone towers may become overloaded, and cell service is spotty in many areas within the path of totality
  5. Research places to obtain fuel and supplies near or at your travel destination
  6. Obtain permission before accessing privately owned lands.  
  7. Know that Maine State Park campgrounds and ATV trails will be closed.
  8. Plan as if you will get stuck in traffic; be patient, and pack plenty of snacks and water.
  9. Planning to stay overnight on Monday is a great way to avoid traffic.
  10. Pay attention to the forecast and plan to dress accordingly – keep in mind that the temperature will drop as much as 10 degrees during the eclipse.

10 Tips To Enjoy the Eclipse Safely

  1. Wear your eclipse glasses while watching the event to avoid damaging your eyes.
  2. Have a full tank of gas or a full charge for your vehicle.
  3. It’s mud season in Maine – many dirt roads may not be passable. Stay on paved roads at all times.
  4. ATV trails will be closed.
  5. If you park and hike into the woods, do not hike beyond your skill level. Stay on marked trails and avoid venturing into unfamiliar or challenging terrain.
  6. Anticipate traffic and congestion particularly in areas of totality.
  7. Exit roadway to stop and view, take photos of eclipse, do not stop on the highway or the shoulder.  
  8. Ticks can be active any time the temperatures are above freezing. Make a post-eclipse tick check part of your routine.
  9. Never drive with eclipse glasses on.

More advice and eclipse info from Maine DACF can be found here.

LELT Viewing Locations

  • The gate to Hacker's Hill Preserve will not be open on April 8th due to snowy, wet conditions. There are a handful of spots to park at the bottom of the hill. If you can park safely, you may walk up.
  • Peabody-Fitch Woods has a large, plowed parking area and should provide a good vantage point to view the eclipse. Walking to the top of the field via Peggy's Pasture Loop will likely be the best viewing area.
  • Bald Pate Mountain has a large plowed parking area and good views of the sky from the summit and along the Bob Chase Loop Trail.
  • Pleasant Mountain offers a clear view of the sky from the summit. There are four trailheads, all parking areas are plowed.
  • The sun should be in full view from Pismire Bluff at Raymond Community Forest.
  • The Depot Street parking lot in Bridgton (right outside the LELT office) offers a clear view of the sky and will provide a durable viewing location.

If you do get to witness the eclipse from LELT lands, please consider sharing any photos or videos you capture. You can email them to

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